DJ Logic on Lenny White's IYOUWE Podcast

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DJ Logic joins Lenny White on his brand new podcast IYOUWE to discuss his musical journey. 

Since his emergence in the early 1990s amidst the Bronx hip-hop scene, DJ Logic has been amassing a veritable mountain of collaborations ranging from the likes of Medeski Martin and Wood, Christian McBride, Vernon Reid, Charlie Hunter, Jack Dejohnette, John Mayer, Ben Harper, Mos Def, The Roots, and yours truly. DJ Logic can always be found paying homage to his predecessors while contributing his vision to the deejay genre. While the context of his work may vary, DJ Logic’s spinning skills are definitely beyond reproach. He works with a phenomenal roster of invited guests, and he knows how to pick his collaborators as well as his samples. With a growing catalogue of recordings under his belt, DJ Logic’s supreme musicianship and diverse tastes allow him to journey wherever an infectious groove may take him