Jazz Fest 2018

Spring is here and Jazz Fest is right around the corner! This year, DJ Logic will be doing 4 nights with the Boom Boom Room at One Eyed Jacks and The Maison. Check out the schedule below and please take not of the set times as some of these are late-night. See you there!

Sunday, April 29 at One Eyed Jacks - 9p
Worship My Organ ft. DJ Logic, John Medeski, Robert Walter, Adam Deitch, Skerik
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Monday, April 30 at One Eyed Jacks - 1:30a (5/1)
Neon-Medeski ft. DJ Logic, Daru Jones, John Medeski, MonoNeon, Skerik, Robert Walter
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Tuesday, May 1 at One Eyed Jacks - 1:30a (5/2)
Eddie Logic Project ft. DJ Logic, Eddie Roberts, Victor Little, Chris Spies, Jermal Watson, Mike Olmos, Khris Royal
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Friday, May 4 at The Maison - 1:30a (5/5)
Worship My Organ XXX ft. DJ Logic, Marco Benevento, Robert Walter, John Medeski, Adam Deitch, Skerik
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